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Brigitta of the White Forest (Faerie Tales from the White Forest Book One)

Brigitta of the White Forest - Danika Dinsmore Be at Behind A Million And One Pages on 23 April for a exclusive review of Brigitta of the White Forest on the Ruins of Noe Blog Tour! Join the blog tour!

What an imagination. Dinsmore completely captivates us in the world of the White Forest. Leaving us with brilliant imagery of the surrounding land as well as a fresh intake on a new kind of faerietale. Even though it is a middle grade novel, we don't really find out about many of the small details that pop up in the novel that would help us understand more, as well as to bring us further into the world of the White Forest. We are told names yet not exactly what they, leaving us to guess what it is. In a way, this brings us further into the novel as we bring our own kind of thinking and our own kind of mind into the novel, so that it becomes special to us as the reader as it is to the main Realm.

Everything that happens in this book (adventures of Brigitta through out of the White Forest) brings the sisters together as well as brings out a kind of bravery in everyone. We find that we are either encouraging Brigitta and Himalette or telling them what to do in bad situations. Yet in the end it all works out some way and we are still propelled with the girls throughout all of the thicks and thins of their universe. Every strange character we meet along the way adds to the imagination of the world and everything that, not only is in the White Forest, but what is on the outside as well. This gives us a feel of their whole realm and not only of the Forest the Faeries are situated in. Although the names used in the novel are basically thrown at us from the very start, we get accustomed to them. However, some of the names I sometimes even had to stop for a second or two, just so I could get the correct pronunciation. Targeted as a middle-grade novel, this may be harder for younger readers to get a hold of, especially when they are so captivated by the world that they have to stop for a moment in order to be able to get a grasp of the name of either the food or the person etc. It takes them out of the rhythm they were in and the pace set to get the young readers really into the novel, to stop and think before they have to read on again.