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Angel Evolution: Book One of the Evolution Trilogy

Angel Evolution - David Estes Be at Behind A Million And One Pages on 17 April for a exclusive review of Angel Evolution! Join the blog tour!

Wow. Talk about fast paced! Everything happened so quickly in the novel. It was way to fast paced, yet the fast pace of the novel kept us going and was in a way good for the book yet bad at the same time. Ok, let me explain this concept further. It was bad, because Gabriel and Taylor's relationship moved WAY TOO FAST. Like really? did she even know him at all?! Is there some kind of strange Angel power we don't know about from the novel? Or are we just supposed to assume there is because of how stunning and beautiful the Angels are that everyone basically bows down at their pressence because of their beauty. Seriously. Ok, but it was good, for the reason that, if the book's events moved slower, then the novel would carry along the feeling that we are getting dragged along, leaving us as the reader, start to get constantly bored with the novel's events and want to put the novel down. OR. just slowly and agonisingly continue the novel just to see what happens at the end.

The story is original, yet with it's own twist on it. We are intrigued with the idea that the Angel's and Demon's cliched roles are reversed (without giving too much away that is all I'm saying). It puts a good spin on things and makes us want to carry on reading for the sake of finding about this whole new nature to the very familiar topic of Angels and Demons in novels.

Taylor gets on my nerves half of the novel. She claims that she has a sixth sense, and that she always uses it ra-ra-ra (Aussie slang getting the better of me). But we never actually see her use this sixth sense of hers except for at the start when she meets Chris. Yeah she starts to when she meets Gabriel but "oh his gorgeousness blinds me! Why think straight?" is basically what happens. Sure I like the novel, it's a good novel, but the 'heroine' gets on my nerves. Her best friend basically ends up being more of a heroine than Taylor does! as well as taking the time to actually get into a relationship and learning to trust and not jumping straight out there like Gabriel and Taylor did. Yeah sure, there wasn't any time to waste but really. The Angel's had been waiting for Taylor for how many years, they couldn't wait longer so that she can actually get a proper relationship and not make it seems that sus to everyone around her because of how quickly they are moving! And the way that Taylor doesn't react in the situation when he tells her he is an Angel is WTF! Are you really Kirsten Stewart? You have emotions darling, please use them at the correct times. Ok, I'm going to stop before I get too ahead of myself.

It was a good novel. I liked to plot of it and the concept, and how it all played out, but it was just the WAY that it was all put together and basically formatted together as well as some ideas from the novel that I didn't like.