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Before I Fall

Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver Wow. Lauren Oliver has done it again with another heart-wrenching, emotional tale.

When we first meet Samantha "Sam" Kingston, I thought that she was one of those girls who got what she wanted, and had the perfect life. Not even seeing those around her and what she has in her life. That is, until she dies, she realizes everything that she has and how she has treated those around her. People like this, who don't see the consequences until it's too late.

We start to grow on Sam as the book goes on. We start to feel her pain in the repetition of each day over and over and over again. Her frustration with all the lies and the secrets behind her death and a mysterious other. We learn about others and we accept how she was before and then to now and her change. We develop that connection with her from the very start of the book, as we sympathise with her as she loses her life. Yet we still think that it is her fault and her friends, until we come to realise the whole story throughout the book. We get shocked at what we find out and with what we find out about some of the characters in the book that we liked or found interesting. Sam's anger in one of the chapters becomes explainable, and we find that we would be doing the same if we were in that situation. Tear-jerking towards the end of the book in one of the mini-chapters within days, as well as the very last chapter. We realize how precious life is, and that we should live every day like our last. Because we don't know when our last day is going to be, and we don't want it to be spent like Sam's and trying to change all that has happened and use that time to find out more about the people in our lives and the world around us in general. We should be able to realize the delacacy of life itself and the accidents that do happen. If you're not happy, change it.

Sometimes Sam's attitude in the book annoyed me. It says that she does "this" or does "something" out of habbit from being a b***h beforehand. But wouldn't you realize that from what you've found out that you would try and avoid doing and saying those kinds of things. With her new emotional ties to everyone at the end makes this story all the more tear-jerking at it's final pages. For her to finally see everything that she has lost and everything that she had, made her death all the more worse because everything that she did on that last day with everyone never really happened. It was that first day that left everyone with their opinion of her. Not how she changed, but how she was and what she was trying to be to fit in.

I love Kent. I'm so glad that she saw how much of a great guy he is. But she found out too late. Just like how it was too late to find out how much of a self-obsessed d**k Rob was. I think she only even went out with him for the social status as well as to be the one getting jealous over from the rest of the school. Her best friends secrets revealed gets the story moving as well, and makes us come to terms with the reason behind Sam's and Juliet's deaths. Something that could seem so innocent and so little, turned out to be the destrustion of lives.