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The Choice (Walk the Right Road, Book 1)

The Choice (Walk the Right Road, Book 1) - Lorhainne Eckhart Check out the Blog Tour for The Choice by Lorhainne Eckhart. Be sure to stop at for my review on the 20th March 2012!

I don't want to start off on a sour spot with this novel, but it is a 'blurb novel'. This is the only reason it got bumped down to 4 stars instead of the 5 it deserved. It was just the blurb that got to me. It gave away too much information. I read the blurb after I finished the novel and it just gave away too much of the story-line. When I joined the blog tour at the beginning, I completely forgot what it said just before I started reading the novel, so I went into the book with a clear head. If the blurb wasn't that revealing, we would be in for twists and turns and many surprises (below I've stated some of the parts where this book has surprised me without reading the blurb first.) Ok, I shall stop rambling and get onto the rest of the review…

When we start the nove it is already intriguing and pulling us in from the first few chapters. We start to uncover parts of Marcie's life with her as if starting afresh. It makes it easier to develop that character-reader relationship that's so important in novels ebcause we start to learn along with Marcie as we uncover what her life was like and the previous choices she has made.

I expected something different than what we were given. I so totally expected a mystery novel and I got very surprised when I see other elements in this novel as well. I was going into the novel expecting something different than what I usually read, but I'm not sure if this is classified as my "usual." I ended up really liking it, yet if a book like this one was not done right, it would be tragic. This is the kind of type of novel that needs to be done right, and that's exactly what this novel does.

It is Oh So Sexy and intriguing. It pulls you right in, I can't stop reading, and when I'm not reading, I start to think about the novel. It does not fail to surprise me, in the way that I thought the book was going to be one kindof novel, when it turns out being a whole different kind of novel, and you don't even expect it!

Ahh Sam, you smexy thing, you are such a tightly wound one, he needs to get loose and come to understand and have an open mind to Marcie's beliefs etc. I so want to shoot Dan, and Lance, yet we wonder what happens afterwards with Dan from Lance, and if Lance will pull through with his agreement. He doesn't say that he agrees, so we are left in the dark as the novel finishes to come up with our own. The way the novel finishes, is on a note that can either be turned into a second novel or be left as a stand-alone. We do think about what might happen next, yet it's not a cliffhanger, leaving room for an open decision on a continuation