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Catching Fire (Hunger Games Trilogy)

Catching Fire  - Suzanne  Collins Collins has done it again with a briliant novel. And a sequel too, this at the moment is a feat that only few can achieve, for the sequel to be up there with the first novel (not as good as the first novel but it's still amazing).

I must admit that this novel was a little slow, however it never fails to entertain us and capture us within it's depths. Once again we are thrust back into the action packed world of Panem, and the 12 Districts. We start to question the motives of it all, as well as question the rumors that are flying around. Katniss' battle to save the life of her family and friends is once again brought into light continuously throughout the novel. She is battled with her feelings for Peeta as well as Gale. So it is a love triange, yet it isn't as well, because she isn't aware of her actual feelings towards them, just the confusion.

Other than this theme, we are brought back into the bloody and gruesome world of the Capitol and the arena. We start to question motives as well as learn to think outside the box. We have developed a relationship with Katniss that allows us to think as she would think and do as she would do. The horror and reality of what happens sinks into us and we remember the first novel where it all began. I love this link back into the first novel, yet we aren't challenged into thinking back to the first novel, because we just do. It is effortless and we don't realise that we are actually doing it.

We aren't left on a cliffhanger, but we are left with a need to continue reading. It's not something that becomes imbarable because we want to find out what's going to happen, because we are practically told what is gonig to happen, it's just the way that this book is written and how much we get into this novel, that we want to continue reading onto the next novel.