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The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Trilogy)

The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins Wow. Just Wow. I wasn't really sure what to make of the hype from this novel. All I've ever read was how good this book was, yet never really thought about reading it because I always had another novel to obsess over, or one that had to be read. But now I'm constantly wondering why it took me so long to pick up this book and read it. AMAZING is a word that just describes this book. And I also wanted to pick up this book and read it before the film comes out. I purposely have not watched even the trailers because they will contain spoilers for the novel.

Just as we think we need to understand something of the world, as we continue on, straight away we are righted with the answer and we are safe to continue on within the world of Panem and the Hunger Games. Love each and every one of the characters, but wants Katniss to wake up sometimes and realize that Peeta does really love her and it's not for the show or because he has to. From the moment he told her when, it should have clicked in her head what was happening, but she disregards it all. Other than that, this book was perfect from inside out, and literally outside as well. The blurb was excellent. Didn't give away too much than from what we find out within the first few pages and in the first chapter. In the first chapter we are even left surprised at what happens and how Katniss ends up being in the Hunger Games.

I can't remember the last time I was sucked into a book as much as this one sucked me in. I finished the novel in two days and am still wanting more. If i hadn't have started it last night I would have finished the novel in half a day. It was devoured, and yet the novel still looks brand new, no creases or spine breakage on it's front. I think from all the reviews I'm now reading that this novel will go down in history, and will be a remembered one. I just hope the upcoming film, will not ruin the series for me like it did the Twilight Saga. At first I loved the books, but the type over the film turned me off it. I desperately hope this is not going to be the same situation. I also wish that the film will not stray away from the actual novel (yet I'm thinking that my wish go a little too far in the filmmaking world here).

The way Collins describes the world, you can picture every moment of the novel, you wonder with Katniss what they are showing on the screens in each district. You wonder what each district reacts to. You wonder about the sponsors. We become part of the Hunger Games, as the 25th player. Dying to read the second novel, not going to stop until this series is finished. Can definately see myself picking this series up again and again and again. Another great thing about this novel, is that we can't predict anything that will have any importance to the final outcome of the novel. Yes we think strategy within the novel about what might happen if she does this over this or what could happen either way, but that just makes us part of the Games, and not as if we are predicting. But speaking of prediction, we can't predict the end of the novel, or the novels to come. We know the general basis of the preceeding novels, but nothing of the finer details that could make us start guessing like most other novels do, this novel simply hooks you in, even from just reading the blurb, because it's a teaser of what's to come, not a summary of the whole novel. We are left on edge from the end of this novel, as well as from the blurb of the following novel Catching Fire.

We can also tell after reading this novel, the significance of each of the titles. As we finish the Hunger Games, it's own title, as well as the following novel gives us a hint of what's to come. But when we read the second novel, we will get a better meaning to it's name, as well as hint as to the meaning of the final novel Mockingjay, even though we have already heard of the term/bird, the final novel as well as hints in the second novel will give it a deeper meaning.