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Crossed (Matched Trilogy)

Crossed  - Ally Condie Completely loved this book! It was direct and straight to the point. Very poetic and simple.
We are touch by Cassia's struggle and determination to find Ky, as well as her loyalty to Xander and her friends. We get anxious about what Xander's secret is and it shows us a different side of Ky as well as brings out a side of Cassia that we don't see very often. A side where she is still innocent in the eyes of the Society and what they tell them and what they do. She doesn't yet realize the full extent of what they do as well as their control over everyone, as well as her ever-flowing curiosity over everything seems to spill out whenever she discovers something new and wild. the Rising is one idea that she believes because it is something that is completely out of her comfort zone. We see from her belief of the blue tablets that she still is in some belief over the Society and the Rising seems like something that will help her grow as a person from her innocence over life. She likes the idea of the Rising, not the action that comes with it and the beliefs. In the final chapters we do see a side of Cassia that is learning and is growing up.

This novel gives us a side of Ky that we didn't really see in Matched. Matched was Cassia's story, now this is Ky's. We see that he is not as strong as we were made to believe, he was trying to fit into something that he didn't believe in to escape reality. To escape what should have been. We see his loyalty for Cassia, and his hope. She brings out challenges within himself and makes him see everything that she has given up for him as well as makes him realise what he would give up for her. We want to know more of Ky's story, like Cassia, we hear his story in pieces. We know a little more than Cassia, but the reaction we see from it, prepares us for everything that was still to come in this novel as well as the next. And it also shows us their relationship as well as the other pieces to connect it all together.

This book makes you want to power through, turn every page, read every word and feel what they feel. We go on the journey with Cassia and Ky to find each other as well as to find ourselves, and everything we would do for someone we love.