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The Guardian Duke: A Forgotten Castles Novel

The Guardian Duke - Jamie Carie Essentially I like this book. The story line was good and it was interesting to see what she would find to her parents dissapearance. The language used in the book changed at times. Sometimes the language was very proper (for both Gabriel and Alex) but then at times it lacked the propriety that it should have had for the time frame it is set in. Some of the language used as well (like telling people to call her Alex) didn't suit the time frame as well.

The novel sped along well. At the ending as Gabriel and Alex caught up to each other and then mixed with their tellings each new chapter seemed to be like repeats but from a different persona. Which basically all the end was. It got boring at this time because we already know what happens and we feel like skipping through it as we have lived and seen it all already and know the end result

However, the book lacks information. Like on Gabriel's mysterious illness etc. We need to know why and how to these questions, hoping now that they will be answered in the next book.

With the next book, it seems as though it is going to be a series where, each book in the series is going to connect straight to the previous and combined they would all be like one big book.

It's hard to say the pace of reading this book. We don't hurrily go through each page, wanting new information. But we don't find it boring either. It's inbetween. Casual.