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The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth  - Carrie Ryan This book has it's positives, then it has it's negatives.

The positives of this book, that I fell in love with, was the plot line and the idea of the story.
The negatives of this book were the characters. Yet the inclusion of these characters made us want to read more, despite our constant need to want to slap them (Mary especially).

In regards to the positives. I loved this book for the originality of the story and the idea of everthing, as well as everything that happened. This only added to the drama of the story and it pulled me constantly through the book. (Started late/early at night on tuesday and finished afternoon on wednesday). The original yet new light we see the Unconsecrated (i.e Zombies) is refreshing, yet original through their looks and characteristics. This book has a lot of moments that are heart-wrenching. That tear-jerking moment/chapter end threw us home to the end of the novel and towards the final obstacle. Questions still remain from this book, but hopefully they will be answered within the next novel. These questions are the real cliffhanger that his book holds at it's final pages. We want to find answers and we want to be able to then think back to this novel and understand why most of the things happened the way that they did. Everything that happens in the plot-line was intriguing and I loved it. It kept me hooked.

Negatives. The characters. Yes, something this small affected practically the whole book. Ok, let's go through a basic run-down of them and why they completely brought this novel down:

Where do I start with Mary. She's our protagonist, which means there's more to hate about her in this book. She has trust issues, especially with her brother. seriously, why would you trust someone after they completely shut you out, especially if it's your own brother because he is the one who was supposed to be protecting you, not throwing you at, especially when you're both hurting. I don't care if that's the way that he deals with his grief, by taking it out on others. But you don't go running back into his arms the minute you see him again and he starts acknowledging you. Especially without an apology beforehand at least.. She is innocent, despite her constant curiosity to know more about life and about this new world and the secrets it holds. She doesn't realise what and who she has in the beginning she questions everyones love for her, and to why she hasn't been "proposed" to yet, making her feel like she is unloved which, also causes her lack to recognise and act against these feelings. She takes people for granted and oozes selfishness. She has courage in a sense but she doesn't have it when she needs it. she needs to have the courage to ask for answers instead of thinking that they will just be handed to her, like with Travis etc She cannot make up her mind. She doesn't know what/who she wants, leaving everyone suffering. Between Travis and Harry she really needs to make up her mind, it is not some game and she doesn't realize what she has with these two until it's gone. Sometimes she wants Travis because she doesn't give up on him when he never even came/spoke for her, yet she doesn't realise until this that she should give Harry a chance. Sometimes she relates back to her "marriage" to Harry, but then she talks about her 'undying love' for Travis. When she nearly loses Travis as he crosses the rope, her actions now, doesn't make up for her neglecting him and ditching him half the time when they were alone in the house. But because something bad starts to happen and he might not make it out alive, she starts realizing what matters and doesn't let go(metaphorically speaking with the whole rope scenario). Basically summing Mary up is that she acts like a complete and total CHILD. She needs to grow up and face her problems and not try and stick to a fantasy or to something that she has just found out about in a life-altering moment. She is supposed to be of marrying age (16, 17 18-ish!) Tells Travis about the ocean when he tells her the reality of it from someone who has been there. Her trying to show Travis the papers while he was busy trying to secure the rope to the other side so they can get out of the house saftely.etc.

The Sisterhood
More like the Society of Secretive B***hes. Wow, do these ladies like to keep things to themselves. They also love to live by the word of God. yet their experiments do the people more harm than good. They basically are the God's of the village, they are superior through knowledge and power. They know about the outside world. They know that they are strong enough to basically "brainwash" the people. There is nothing outside of the villiage They tell everything how it is straight. They are mean to Mary, yet their emotions and moods swing when someone else is there.

This girl has some serious mental issues. You. Are. Insane. She doesn't get the reality of what is happening as well as what she is hearing when it is something different from what she has been told by the Sisterhood. Also her confliced emotions are very raw and make her seem psychotic. telling Mary, that she loves Harry, yet even though Mary loves Travis she still won't let her have him, then Harry will get her. Really the decision is simple. If you love Harry, then 'switch' with Mary.

Oh how I loathe him. He is the type of person who needs to have someone with him. After he lost his father, he had his sister. After he lost his mother, he had Beth. After he lost Beth, he has no one so he has no other choice but to go to his sister whom he kicked out. Is it the fact that he needs someone who is his own flesh and blood beside him that keeps him going? You would think that after his mothers death, he would be with Mary. Yet he kicks her out and gives her to the sisters. THEN, after the whole town is being ravaged he falls back to his sister because he knows that his wife is going to die. Ok you do start to warm up to him but then after he falls you do get a little sad because things were starting to lighten up between them.

These two really need to sort out their priorities. Even they are only a year or so apart their mind set is similar in what they attract. they are both in love with the same girl, yet one has a claim on her and doesn't even show these feelings in her time of need. Doesn't come to visit her while with the Sisters. Doesn't try and speak for her after her brother threw her out. Harry only comes by her again because his brother is in the infirmary. By then Travis starts to let his feelings for Mary show because of all the time they spend together. But then he doesn't come for her and lets her marry his brother. But then Harry starts to fall for Cass, then he ends up marrying Mary. Then after they wed Travis becomes interested in Mary again. It is all too much to handle between them two.