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Enchantment - Charlotte Abel First of all I would love to thank the amazing Charlotte Abel for providing me with this eBook, after winning the write-a-spell-for-a-day contest (I wrote a prophecy but when taking a look to this novel, the kind of prophecy it is does suit the whole context of the spells used). You did a marvellous job at writing this novel that I can't wait for the next novel in the Channie series.

Ironically, this book truly is enchanting. We are drawn into Channie's world from the very beginning and we learn with her as well as through Josh. What really needed to be done was to give more of a 'face' to the characters, we need to be able to picture each and every character. However, this really is the only lacking thing in this novel. Even the Goodreads synopsis had proved me wrong as I thought it would be a completely different novel than to what the synopsis had percieved it to be.

I love how we are completely taken into the story and get straight to the point, not waiting expectantly for something to happen, which would quickly make us tired of the story when we have only just gotten us into it. No, this novel takes on a ride and makes us wonder if a spell has been put on us to keep reading and not to put the book down. Although this novel had it's bits of predictability Josh is a mage it wasn't overbearingly predictable and did have some shockers Josh is a Vaj... (aka. Part of the enemy clan yet dumped by them). It was also shocking that we didn't think of that possibility before when he told Channie that he had been adopted. Like Channie the information bypassed us as we didn't get any further recognition in it by Channie or Josh, so this came as a big surprise for us)

I love the somewhat fairy-tale-Disney ending to the novel, where they are just in bliss together and are so full and raw with their emotions that are sweling to the surface. In the next book I hope we are reaquainted with her family and her sister, as well as to see if Joshua/Valor can uphold his challenge and prophecy in order to save Channie from her impending doom or injuries. This is just all the more that we should hope to expect in the next novel.

Honestly, I didn't expect to know if the novel would last after learning about the first prophecy then to find out there was another on the way, made me wonder about if these prophecies would be enough to develop and continue through the story without it feeling as if there is nothing going on and it wouldn't keep our attention and interest.. Why I ever thought this I have no idea. The story was not lacking in any way and I can't think of much (much else to the very minor things stated above) that would have made this novel into anything but lustworthy.

The spark between Channie and Josh, brought us back to the times when youthful teenage lust was enveloping the air and the talks with our parents and lectures on the 'birds and the bees' as many subtley call it. Hormones raging, cramps playing in the background, as well as dirty minds fill our youth, but also through the remembrance of firsts. First kisses, loves and fights are also part of it and we look back and connect our youthful teenage selves within this story that we don't nedd to be given explanations to explain because we already know the feeling and were there once before.

Channie and her families innocence on some matters of everyday life (like mobile phones and BMX Racing) is cute and makes us laugh at how unaware and naive at some of our lifes everyday occurrences. It just brings on a side to her charactervand to her world of magic that we wonder what else they don't know or are unaware of.