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Wolfsbane (Nightshade)

Wolfsbane  - Andrea Cremer To those readers out there who had once been on 'Team Ren' and have now been converted to 'Team Shay', I must say that you did underestimate Ren no matter what you would've thought or believed about him. I have been told that I gave good points about being 'Team Shay' from the first book and why was not 'Team Ren' and now what was once my suspicions from the first novel, have been true (in most ways) from the second books revelations. Although this book was easily seen through at the surprises towards some characters, there have also been some mysteries that have come to surface as well as betrayals that have questioned each of the characters. We realise in this sequel what it means to lose something, someone or some part of yourself that you need to clear before you can fully move on and save yourself as well as those around you, trying to make do with what you have in those dire times of need.

I know that Calla cannot get over Ren when she is with Shay but she seems too drawn up with Ren to think about what she needs (I'm not saying this because I am 'Team Shay' but because it's true, even if I weren't on any 'Team') and what she has to do. From this novel she says how she wants to go back to being strong and independent, the one who can be relied on and trusted, be a leader. An Alpha. But because she has not one, but two, boys that are tied to her, she has completely lost her strong and independent nature and fallen for someone to always lean on, making her become weak. This is understandable as this is the first time in her life that she has come into "contact" with boys and she needs to pull out from under their spell and become who she once was in order to feel like herself again and ultimately, win the oncoming war. At the moment with her, her distraction levels are high because of the boys, if not one then the other, which makes her an easy target, especially for the novel to come.