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Give Me, A Tale of Wyrd and Fae (Tethers 1)

Give Me, A Tale of Wyrd and Fae (Tethers 1) - L.K. Rigel Such a great short story that took us on this fairy tale with Lilith and the females of her past. Although we do seem to experience everything and find out most with Lilith, but then we are given more insight into her past and the women surrounding them. I liked it not just because it was an intriguing story but because we didn't really want to guess at what was going to happen because we were so caught up in reading the story to guess at what was going to happen. We are told just enough information to satisfy us without overdoing it or to ask for more when we finish the novella. It also finishes beautifully so that we are not on a cliffhanger but we are also satisfied with the ending that we don't really need to think about what would happen next and if she ends up putting the ring back on because we are satisfied with what we've been given and decide to let the story rest on that. We get to know each different character present in the story, whether past or present, and we connect to them and try to understand their world and their motives and are given just enough time with each of the characters in their world before switching to another one.