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Wither (Chemical Garden)

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano When I first read the summary of this book I didn't really have much of an expectation with this book, making it exceed expectations. I loved this book. It was a very easy read and we were quickly accustomed to this new world that Rhine lives in. Despite being an easy read, it was enthralling captures your attention, making you want to read then rest of the book so you can find out how she ends up acting towards Linden and her sister wives.. It was a little predictable on what would happen between Rhine and Gabriel, from the very start when we're first introduced to him, I thought that she'd get together with Gabriel. I can't believe how much of a monster Vaughn is! I was shocked at how terrible he is that it made me want to cry (I didn't cry though). In the second book I want to know what happens to Cecily and Linden and if Linden finds out the truth about what his father has been doing. I also wonder if Vaughn will go searching for Rhine and Gabriel, and if he does find them, what will he do with them. Like how will be get them into the house without Linden, Cecily or any of the staff seeing who were friends with them if he punishes them by testing on them straight. If this happens then I think that Vaughn will find them after a month or so after she's settled back at her home with her brother and Gabriel.