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Reviews from one book-a-holic :) Expect Paranormal-Fantasy--Dystopian-Romance-YA books (either singly or mashed together)


Book fanatic/addict is putting it mildly.Love Reading, can Never Get Enough. Late Nights Reading + Early Mornings Reading. Or just all day. Always Goes Great With A Coffee... Or Two.


Divergent  - Veronica Roth Why I didn't pick up this book earlier and left it on my shelf after buying it still alludes me and I only just finished the book mere seconds ago.


Ahh Four/Tobias.. How I love you already *sigh*

We are first introduced to Tris as someone who is uncomfortable with herself and tries to hold back who she is while trying to find the girl that needs to be Abnegation. We are given little but enough for now insight onto her lifestyle and it's reflections upon her fraction. Even though we know little, this keeps pushing us forward so that we will be able to get insight into these questions. From this we know little of the other Fractions and are willing to know more after we see Tris' encounter with others at her school. Even though throughout the book we are given basic information about the other Fractions, we are at the same knowledge as Tris. This develops our connection with her and are reasoned to think like she does and feel what she feels . We come across Divergent the first time and we learn with Tris about what it really means. (book within a book - reminds me of the mind control... kinda)

After reading (and during as well)we start to wonder which Fraction we would fit into. We get sucked into the world that we start familiarising with their values and roles that we know what to question and what not to. Some of this shocks us from what we know and now believe shouldn't happen. With Tris' development from Abnegation to Divergent, we are led on a journey throughout the book through her struggles to finding out who she is and where she really belongs (urgh the dreaded word Belonging). I also thought that seeing as they're travelling to Amity that there would be more information about this Fraction for us. Through the book we forget that there are 5 Fractions and think that it's only Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless, (maybe we remember) Candor, and(we don't remember until towards the end) Amity.

I am waiting to see what happens to Peter. Will be be a spy for Dauntless/Erudite in the hopes that he will become one of the leaders? And with Marcus as well. I wonder if Tris, Tobias and Caleb decide to leave them on the train while they get off. Hmm so many questions come to mind about the second book.

Anxiously waiting for the sequel!