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Elemental: The First

Elemental: The First - Alexandra May This was a great book but there were a few if-y's there that brought it down to 4 stars. And there was that cliffhanger at the end that was a cliffhanger but wasn't as much as it should've been. I didn't really get the ARGH feeling when there's a really good cliffhanger that makes me cry because the next one isn't out yet (I'm exaggerating....a bit). Because we knew more than Rose, it was kind of annoying to see that she couldn't pick anything up and to see her struggles as she tries to figure everything out. Because of this, the news at the end when she is told the truth just breezes past us because we already knew somewhat of the story but that was just the history behind it all that we didn't know. The prologue I thought should have not included Rose's perspective and just stayed on Deverill in the circle with the other guys. With the inclusion of Rose in the prologue it made me think that the prologue should have been cut short to only the talk with the men about their plans.

What is it really that we know about Aiden? Will we know when he turns on her? Do we know what his power is? How do we know that his power is not creating illusions? He could have created the boy on the street and purposely led Rose to the car and the fire, hoping to get her away from her friends as she started walking towards the fire. Did he put an illusion on the wounds to make him seem like the only trustworthy person? example:
As Aiden sat down his pain was obvious. How he mad masked it before I could only put down to an adrenaline rush, his body would naturally have numbed any discomfort."
We know certainly that not every Royal Alien has the gift of healing because if they did, then Aiden would have been able to heal himself. AND, because he is a Royal Alien he would have a power as well. Now all I'm waiting for is for him to turn on her... which we should hopefully find out in the second book.