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Graceling - Kristin Cashore The beautiful cover first grabbed my attention of this book. Then the name. Then the blurb. Now after I've finished this my attention was focused on this book the whole time and I loved it! The story and what happened within the confines of each page sets a new kind of adventure in a new world that we seem fit to suddenly be gone into.
Words to describe Katsa is that she is a fighter. Not in the Grace sense but in life, she fights for herself...eventually, and becomes her own person. But she can't help but look back into the past and decide to judge people based on how they know her and who they talk to and basically their sex. She believes that all males are like Rev or like Leck who are power hungry and don't allow any freedom to females or to those below their own power. BUT, then at the end when you think she's going to want to marry Po she doesn't even give a hint as to that as if it were no thought of that sort came into her mind.

I would have wished for something more. This book didn't really have a.....ok well in it's own way it did have a fully dramatic situation but it was something to which we do not rarely see. Usually we are known to see full on battles and struggles all in the final paces to the last page of the book when we ferociously read faster to know what happens. This book doesn't do that but it does with the fact of Po's incident have the same sort of dramatic scene, this though did but did not pull us constantly through the last pages of the book because we were thinking of what was going to happen and not caught up enough on his struggles to completely stop thinking and to just read. The revelation of his incident and the kill that Katsa and Po have worked the whole book for has also fallen short. A few sentences do not suffice when it comes to the kill of the hard target that has a top notch guard and mind controling skills. In other words, the story dragged on a bit in places where it shouldn't have but then in others there wasn't enough because of the way that it was led up to.