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Silence (Hush, Hush)

Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick I liked the book as much as the others and is a great edition to the series but half of the time I felt that this book was just made of copy/paste of the other books (especially the first book)and it felt like that was there because there was nothing else to write about. Also the way that she was basically dead to everything made the book seem like we're starting from the very beginning again and not the third one in the series. I just wanted her to remember!!! gahh I felt like shaking the girl.

It was very easy to tell that Jev was actually Patch. From the first time we see him in the novel we instantly see Patch. We can also guess at what he's going to say to Nora because half of the things he said was from the first book the second. Going for a shower and what it consists of is one of these times and we didn't have to read past it to know what he was going to say. Ok, we could just be Patch-obsessive but still.

Other than that I really enjoyed this installment and can't wait for the next novel because it will basically be off to a second start for Nora and Patch but if it's like the second one because this one was mainly like the first then I wonder why this series isn't just paired together and there is a whole diffrent story.