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Dead Beautiful

Dead Beautiful - Yvonne Woon I completely didn't expect what was going to happen when she finds out the truth about the school and Dante. It was a shock but not that much of a shock (yes confusing but that's my realty of it). It was, in other words, a nice surprise that I didn't and wouldn't see coming but made the story all the more. As to the name of the novel it lives up to what it means, when first reading the title I wouldn't have thought that it could mean anything other than to the fact that she was trying to find out who killed and how her parents were killed and not who she really was in a sense that made her feel like she belonged and knew what was right and what she was made to do. This we find out at the end of the novel in the last chapter or two and really, the title is very fitting, yet once you've read the book it gives away more than many (including me) would have thought from first glance.

I kept trying to figure out who it was within the school. Going from one charcter to another from the new pieces of information that we and Renee recieve. At one point (for a brief moment) I thought that it was Nathaniel but then ultimately he was found out to be....let's just say, incapable, because of what happened to him and why he ended up in the hospital wing.

I found that we really connect with Renee, even though it is from her point of view, we really can see and feel all of these things around us and feel like we are the actual character. Mainly I saw this when all of a sudden Nathaniel tells of who stole the diary but then we realise that the same time as Renee does that we did completely forget about it and then everything seems to fit into place. Also by the way that we can quickly piece together bits of the information and reveal what really happens at the exact same time as Renee and not having to have easily guessed at this beforehand.

Not that I want to bring this up but in a small way it did remind me of Twilight. Yes, I know I shouldn't have even brought this up but seriously. who didn't think of twilight when she asked the famous Twilight question "how old are you?" and then he replies in the same Twilight fashion "seventeen". I did laugh at this bit because in a way it does kind of mock it but then at the same time relates to it as well.

On a better note, I loved the ending, it was so cute:

"Real love is selfless."
"I miss you already," I whisper, my insides in panic.
Dante plucked a flower and tucked it behind my ear.
"I'm with you, always." <-- corny but NAWW</u>
And then he leaned over and kissed me.