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Vanish: A Firelight Novel

Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan Ok, this book straight away reminds me back to English and our topic of Belonging. Yes it's sad I straight away thought this book would relate and started deconstructing it before I told myself to stop.

As the sequel to Firelight this book talks about Jacinda's struggles to get back into the pride and to become who she once was. In this book, however, I noticed that from the last book she seems as though to be thinking without her draki as a sense than how she did talk like an animal in the previous book. From here we can see her changes as a person, from draki to someone who thinks and cares, and overall, just wants to be free.

What I don'e like in this book is her constant battle between trying to forget Will as well as trying to forget Cassian and overcome her innocent and unrecognisable-to-herself jealousy that she feels when her sister starts talking to Cassian. This is what the book is about. Jacinda's struggles to come back to the pride but then this sense is undermined when the real issue of Will and Cassian turn up in every presence of the novel.

Although we can clearly see Jacinda's struggle she does need to make up her mind on either Will or Cassian. I believe (and hope) that the third book will be the decider. I also wish that there would be more on her sister and her mother. They have become big (yet aloof) characters in this novel and it would've been an added bonus to be able to see them more instead of knowing of Jacinda's constant "boy battle"

However, this is still a great book and leaves a very big cliffhanger for the next novel. So far, from each novel, it seems as though if you put the pages together from all the books to come with the ones already published, then the series will turn out to be just one big book because it straight away continues into the new challenges and continuing plot line.

I love that idea because from other series' in the second or third book there is always a few chapters that get the reader reacquainted with the world, when really you only need a prologue chapter for that and then to get straight into the story. Or to have none at all, because as the reader we should know what's going on and by doing what Jordan has done and continued straight but added old material as flash-backs, makes whoever picks up this novel, a sure thing to start reading from the first novel and not in a way that they can go straight to the sequel because they basically know everything that happens in the first book from the few chapters at the start of the novel.