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Paranormalcy - Kiersten White what the bleep! sigh. stop talking, start sighing sigh. Raquel sighing the whole time sigh. there aren't even that many kinds of sighs sigh. does this book involve anything other than sighing sigh. how can you tell which sigh is what sigh? sigh. trying to sigh more than a hundred different ways sigh.

Evie sigh. Typical blonde bimbo sigh, "like oh-my-bleep" sigh. She doesn't even seem like she's 16 the way she carries on sigh. With the sarcasm added to her personality it doesn't seem to fit who she is sigh.

Yes the story was interesting at times sigh.

is this getting bleep annoying yet? sigh.

would you be able to understand everything I say? sigh.

another for good measure sigh.

bleep sigh.