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Haunted - Joy Preble Throughout this book I get the feeling that Anne doesn't want to see the answers and just wants to pretend that she's living a normal life. When we get told some of the answers or clues to the mystery, it is easier for the reader to figure it out then for Anne to figure it out, making her seem clueless when it's actually simple but she just needs to want to see the answer.

It is a mild love triangle in this book. She's dating Ben but almost-loves Ethan and when Ethan comes back then the love triangle begins. She start referring to Ben as her ex-boyfriend who doesn't know it yet because Ethan is back. Yet within this book, she never actually breaks up with Ben. Even at the end of the book, we are told that Ben still keeps on calling her while she is about to go on her first official date with Ethan.

From this book we would also think that she has learned and accepts that this is happening to her, she thinks that she can just brush this off her and not think about it then it will go away but she's wrong and by doing this, it's making the situation worse. I still get the feeling of Tess being annoying but a good character. I like her more in this book from parts like when she followed Ethan to the lake and when she was fending for Anne by knocking on the witch's door. In the next book I hope we see more of Anne's growing relationship with her mother as well as her acceptance of her (and her hated word) 'destiny' and accepts fate. If Ethan's studies in folk lore and history now should also be able to help her and influence her on getting to know her heritage and the stories that roam.