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Firelight - Sophie Jordan I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait for the second. I just hope that there is no love triangle in the second and she realises that Cassian is an *insert "creative" word here* and only wants her because of what she is.

Yes, she does think as though she is a wild animal, but in fact she is. This kind of thinking makes us able to communicate with Jacinda all the more because we are let inside her thoughts and feelings as well as the way that she sees the outside world and the threats and dangers that pull at her, making her want to be let free.

I like how Will broke away from his family and when realises what Jacinda really is, still pursues her, no matter what she is or what he is. He stabilises her and makes her see that there is often a choice in life and she doesn't have to reside only by the Pride's rules and regulations. Sometimes thought, I get the feeling as though she is only using Will in order to keep her Draki alive. You can see a big comparison from when she was out on the course trying to turn, taking away all of her energy to when she was with Will or thinking of him.

What I don't like is how she and her sister went with Cassian straight after the small battle that they had, even though they weren't safe, the shouldn't have gone with him, no matter how encouraging he was. Especially after Jacinda trusted him -numerous times- and he failed every time says that she is easy to forgive someone but doesn't think of the outcomes afterwards. Did she think of what will happen to her, her mother or her sister by going off with Cassian? No, she didn't. And then she would regret the decision when she turns up and something happens to either of them and she frantically tries to mend the situation when she created it in the first place. Just like trusting Cassian multiple times, it never turned out for the better, just the worse. Let's hope she learns come time for the next novel.