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Hereafter - Tara Hudson Ok, when I picked this book up to read I was just my normal self: "Books!" "Reading!" "YAY!" and didn't really give any thought before I started it as to how AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT THIS BOOK IS!!!!!! until PAGE 1 WORD 1 had me hooked at 8pm and then until 5am (same/next day) when I finished the book. I was completely and utterly enthralled and the book is sitting lovingly on my bookshelf surrounded by (many many) other lovingly cared for books.

I love Amelia's story and how she finds herself in a soul that was taken as no more, making her feel somewhat alive again just by having that someone there and resisting what would've been a consideration to Eli's offer was now changed by her realisation that there is a kind of life after death compared to the life after death that she was living before she met Joshua. (Confusing but yeah). We also get to see the world straight as it seems to Amelia, giving the readers a new perspective that we rarely see from books as most books tell of characters that see ghosts and are not actually from their perspective. We learn about this new world of being able to feel and touch like we're born again into a new world. The book is also seemingly very relatable in terms of finding about yourself and who you really are, like how Amelia finds herself.

I love how there is no love triangle...........I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES!!! Especially being told from the female's perspective about the two guys she wants or are going for her (TWILIGHT ANYONE!!) makes me want to shake the female protagonist because of how dim witted she is and can't make up her mind and then both guys leave because she doesn't realise who she really wants and thinks she can have them both without even thinking on what it's going to do to the guys! they'll be led on and think they have a shot with the other guy as if they're out of the picture! <-- sorry for the ranting but my point is made.<br/>
I really have no judgements or concerns with this book at all (and I usually find at least one from most books, even small details I concern myself long and hard about it) and this book had zero, zilp, ziltch, none whatsoever!

BUT, there is one concern I have...................................THE NEXT BOOK NEEDS TO COME OUT SOON BECAUSE I AM DYING WITH ANTICIPATION!

Just writing this review makes me want to pick up the book and read it again! Wow I'm weak...