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City of Bones (Mortal Instruments, Book 1)

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Just finished this book a few hours ago (already have started the second ahah)

The first book is as great as I've been told and has lived up to my expectations :) But I think that too many of the characters are crossing the border of over-sarcastic. If it was just one or two characters that were as sarcastic as they are now then it would be great but I just get the feeling of sarcasm overload (and I'm pretty sarcastic so that's saying something haha). I want more to happen with Jace and Clary but then there's the notion that they're brother and sister, but still trying to hide their feelings from each other :/

As I'm at the start of the second book I am kinda hoping that Jace is either Luke or Michael Wayland's child, from the occurrence that Jocelyn had an affair and Valentine didn't know about it and suspected that Jace was just his child and Jocelyn just saying that it's Valentines because he might kill her/the father if he found out.....Yes this is what I hope (I admit I love a good romance in YA books)!!!

I don't know why but I don't want Simon to get with Clary, even though I love Simon but still it doesn't really seem right.....

I thought that Valentine should've been more evil than what he already was. He seemed to me like the kind of person who was frequently dropped as a child and just wants people to love him, as from what we can tell at the end of the book. I also thought at the end of the book that the "truth" would come out (about Clary and Jace) not by means of what kind of felt like a sit-at-the-table-and-talk-about-the-bodily-changes-you're-going-to-go-through truth kind of feel. I hoped that this scene would've gone something like how after Valentine says "What is this?" after seeing Jace and Clary, she says something along the lines of "Hello father, I'm surprised you didn't recognise me." which would have not made the scene feel so deep inside kind hearted truth bearing. Jace and Clary's head would be whirling trying to get a grasp on the situation and then there would've been more understanding between them all in the evil sort of way that Valentine is supposed to be. Ok well you can probably imagine the scene after the "hello father" bit I just created.

ANYHOW, This book is brilliant and can't wait to read the rest of the series and I hope that they are as good as this one and not a let down like some other sequels are.