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Tempestuous (Wondrous Strange)

Tempestuous - Lesley Livingston Basically after reading this book, it was in general a whole lot slower for me to get into than the other two, but I did like the novel.

The pace would go from all emotions and talking as if they were talking to a psychologist and then drastically changes to action but not lasting very long!

Towards the end of the novel the pace started to get continuous as the "gang" started to unravel the "mystery" on the who was trying to corrupt the power etc. HOWEVER, there is a lot of writing to the leading up to this yet at the end when it is finally revealed and they need to defeat the Spring King/Dragon it happens only within a few sentences. Such as, Sonny as the rider becoming good and relenting the evil within the rider to then go and simply stab the dragon in the heart on the King White Stag with Kelley (add around 3 sentences and you've got the picture basically)

KELLEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?! she was getting on my nerves with her whole "love" triangle with Sonny and Fennrys, I just wanted to shake her saying to MAKE YOUR MIND UP! You can tell that she does love Fennrys because no matter how many times he has deceived her and left her to fend for herself she always forgives him, whereas her parents, still get the blame and made me realise that she does love Fennrys because she is willing to forgive anything that he does within a thought-sentence and not her parents.

AND!!! how could he just sit there and make his feelings known to her even though he knows the trouble he is causing and that he is making her more confused than she already is....but it also is her fault as well because she wouldn't do anything, sure she'd yell at him afterwards but that died down very soon after , then getting on as if nothing had happened but with her feelings towards him as well as his feelings towards her growing ever-so-slightly. At this point I do feel kind of sorry for Fennrys (KINDA-SORRY) because he was essentially led-on by Kelley, causing his feelings to become too overwhelming as for him to lose who he basically is as a person in order to fall for Kelley and forget his nature.

WHAT WAS WITH THAT KISS!! these two need to sort out their priorities! Kelley knows how jealous Sonny gets of how much time she spent with Fennrys while he was in the Otherworld but kissing Fennrys in front of Sonny! what does she think his mind will be going through, it would make him question if it was the first time they've kissed (IT's THE 2ND!! - my point proven). From this book I don't think that Kelley is as deserving of having Sonny as she was towards him in this one compared to the other two. Sonny is devoted to her, even when she tells him that she "doesn't love him", he still wants to fix everything with her after staying in the Lost Faery Tunnels/Sanctuary not matter if she "loves" him or not, he is still willing to try. In simpler terms, the guy is literally devoted to her and she even changes him as a person (i.e, the Rider loses killing streak and then turns back into Sonny because of Kelley). It seems like Kelley and Sonny are taking two steps forward yet one step back in their relationship constantly but there should have been more of their romance in this book I think.

Even though this whole ordeal was frustrating, this wanted to make me continue reading to see what would eventually happen.

This book was also very predictable! from the first moment that she met the Summer Queen and especially the Spring King as well as everything that Fennrys was doing drew conclusions to those three mixed towards the final outcome.

It all ended too abruptly, and I wanted to be "taken" on the date with Sonny and Kelley at the very end of the book. It's great how Lesley left the book on a near cliff-hanger because you want to know what happens as they go into the Otherworld but then at the same time it leaves you to guess at what the ending for Sonny and Kelley is going to be from what you got out of the book and their relationship.

Ok, I've basically been talking/typing about the negatives of the book but there are positives as well (that I will not mention as they should be found out by yourself)