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The Sherlockian

The Sherlockian - Graham Moore I quite like this book for the 3.5 stars that i gave it.

Although I got a bit frustrated with the constant change in characters and time period from each chapter this kept me intrigued in the story even more, making me want to finish a chapter. HOWEVER, in some chapters there was too much going on to constantly change to the present day/1900's that would make it difficult to remember where the story was up to from the last chapter that it was in!

The story was intriguing and I could predict what happened in most parts (I am a proclaimed Sherlock Holmes fan) but the twist on the different Holmes' adventures was quite refreshing being mixed into one.

I didn't like the fact that within some chapters, we would be told what was going to happen (1900) before it actually happened in the present day (2010), making it not really a surprise to the audience and ultimately making us want to skip it because we already know what happens. I'm glad though that towards the home stretch of this novel that once we found out what happened after it was figured out in the present day (2010) that within the next chapter (1900's) we would be told as to why this happened and what Connan Doyle wanted from this (whether it be fiction or not).

In the end though the story kept me interested and I wanted to keep on reading it so that the mystery would be solved as to where the diary was and who "killed" Alex