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The Last Girl

The Last Girl - Michael Adams

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Thrilling and a breath of fresh air! The Last Girl is everything you need in a book and the start to a trilogy.

What I really love about this book is that it's set in Paramatta!! That's kinda-sorta me (i'm Liverpool). I could so easily create every scene in my head, and not just because I know the area. Adams does a fantastic job at making you able to easily see The Last Girl come to life. From the very first page you are entranced at how you can so simply imagine everything that happens all the way until the very end. Some parts of the book make you laugh because it's just typical Aussie things to do and say and it makes the setting work so much more!

I wish we got more of an introduction to all these new gadgets in this future. It held me back a little trying to figure out exactly what they are and what it does. Danby is a bit on and off for me. Some of the things that she does, like not reacting as she should to her father. I would have liked at least a bit more emotion coming from her about it. Same thing goes for her and driving. I found that a bit strange because even though up coming 16 year olds don't drive, they know the basics about it (like using the gear shift from Park to Reverse/Drive). Seriously, it's common sense stuff. And it's not like Danby isn't smart, throughout the rest of the book she is a very smart kid and knows exactly what to do in situations. Sure, sometimes she doesn't think of the bigger picture with her actions, but still, she would do what any of us would do.

As the book continues and Danby leaves the city with her brother, things start to heat up. We can see exactly what the Snap has done with the world. Some of the things that happened, you could see coming and you could guess before Danby realized (just a bit frustrating haha). Although, there are the predictable times in this book, there are some things (especially at the end) that leave us blown away. I love how along the way, no matter the trouble she faces, Danby sticks to herself and what's true to her. She will compromise and bargain to get things go the way that she believes is the best for everyone, not just for herself. From the ending, I can't wait to read the next book! She surprises me with realizations that I never thought of and I heard it all click as she started talking about it to herself.