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Review: Burn (Pure #3) by Julianna Baggott

Burn  - Julianna Baggott

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My heart is torn in two and I'm shocked. I am in Post-Burn depression. I honestly don't know what to say, it was amazing.


After finishing this series, I came to the following conclusion on what new Pure trilogy readers, and old readers need to do before you start Burn:
With this whole series, to be able to fully get into it like what it is intended to, you need to read all three books one after another. So if you haven't started this series yet, DON'T! Burn will be releasing soon, so I suggest that you wait for this (especially after the ending in Fuse, you're going to want to grab this book straight away!)


There are definitely things in the finale that I loved and didn't love. Some of the choices that were made, and especially the nerve of some people. But most of all, I didn't really love the ending... (more on ending below)

This book continues straight where Fuse left off. We can tell that this book is going to be all action packed, as we race to the finale! Things start to unwind and the stakes are high, and Baggott keeps you guessing the whole way through! You don't have any idea what is about to happen or what might happen in the coming chapters.

The characters that we have grown to know and love, are transformed completely, becoming stronger for the end and for the change. The stakes are extremely high in this book, for every character, and we are right alongside them every step of the way. We feel for them, and we scream with them, and we argue with them..

Things are definitely tense in this book, with everything coming together and unexpected things that happened at the end of Fuse, we are completely hooked and can't get enough. I definitely miss Bradwell's perspective in this book, but because of such unexpected circumstances at the end of Fuse, we understand why. I think, now that I have finished the book and look back at this, I believe that it is better that we didn't get to see Bradwell's perspective. After what has happened, he doesn't really know who he is, or even recognize himself anymore or the person that he is with Pressia. From the events in this book, that happened towards the end, I think that showing Bradwell's POV would have given some of the ending away. 

So, you know how I haven't really liked Partridge throughout the series? Well, after this book, I really do hate him. Seriously, I hate him. I can't even explain the level of hate I have for him now. And I still find Iralene just as annoying. These two are just as bad as each other. Most of the things that Partridge suggests for a "better life", sure they are full of hope and it would make everything so perfect la-de-da-de-da blah blah blah. He doesn't see the repercussions that this will have on the people of the Dome, as well as the people outside. You know here that he he is still a child, doing what a privileged child would do. BLEH.

moving on.....

I absolutely love Pressia and Bradwell at the end. The moment between them was....magical *sigh* It was like a dream, a perfect and wonderful and happy dream, that got us out of our frantic page turning, that I literally had to take a deep breath and what was happening. It was seriously, beautiful. I can't say any more than that, there are no words to describe how breathtaking that scene is. It made us slow down, and take a deep breath that we really needed before the main event started!

I really can't believe what happened in the end. Seriously, W.T.F HAPPENED!!!! I am still in shock over this (this is the #1 symptom of Post-Burn depression and what happened is 99.5% the reason for this serious depression. NOTE. this depression will only occur after you have either, 1.Read the entire trilogy one after another; or 2. Read Fuse and Burn right after each other). I balled my eyes out, literally. I'm even tearing up just thinking about it (not that I'm going to say what happened), I madly went through pages after that. I didn't want it to be true, and I so badly hoped that this wasn't the choice that he made, knowing what will happen because of it!

So, like I was saying about the ending. To be honest, I thought it was lacking. I felt that there were so many things that I wanted to see happen and for it all to wrap up nicely, but they didn't. Before I knew it, I ran out of pages and I was just sitting here thinking what am I going to do now. The end of this book is numbing. I think I know what Baggott is trying to get with at the end, like she wants us to fill in the blanks with what we might think will happen. What I am really hoping for, is that we get some sort of 'After Pure' novella or something that tells us what happened, then we can match it with out own reality. You could comfortably fit a few more chapters in this book, just to give us what happens to everyone instead of leaving it as it was, without much detail on anything else. The ending felt completely different to the rest of the book. It didn't have as much detail as all three books did, and that is what made me felt like it was lacking as well. And there was this other, weird feeling that happened as I read the final pages. It felt like a movie, seriously, like a movie. The way that the ending was written, like it was showing each character's position and what they were going to do, and then after we know what they are going to do it fades out and goes to the next character. From there it keeps on going from each character until we are just left with Pressia finishing the book. That bit I loved. I love how she was the final voice in the book.