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Review: Ignite Me (Juliette Chronicles #3) by Tahereh Mafi

Ignite Me - Tahereh Mafi

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Thanks to Allen & Unwin Australia for sending me a copy for review

Magnificent. The perfect ending to such a wonderful trilogy.

Seeing as this is the last book in the trilogy, you may expect a vague review on what actually happens in the book, and more focus on characters and wishes.

I absolutely loved this book. From start to finish it was amazing. Juliette is such a strong character now, and it seems that she has finally found herself, finally opened up to her true feelings and understand what she has to do. 

You know that the author is an amazing writer, when you know how much I hate love triangles, and don't even realize that you're changing teams until the very last book!! It feels like everything I know and read about love triangles have been blasted out the window!

From the beginning, I was team Adam. But now, now I have changed, I have fallen for Warner. Adam and Juliette are two different people now, and even though I liked their ship in the first book, it just doesn't compare to Warner in this last book. We see him for who he truly is, and I can't believe that I even doubted that they would be together in the first and second books. Everything makes sense now, and these two are perfect for each other. They are strong, they understand one another on a deeper level than just personality, and they constantly surprise us and blow our minds away.

If you read this trilogy all together, I think that you will enjoy it all even more. Reading the first book, even though it's a bit overboard with the strikeouts, you will be able to clearly see how Juliette develops getting back into the real world throughout the trilogy. Not only with her sanity, but with her powers too, and all the other characters we have fallen in love with along the way. I loved seeing everyone again in this book. I loved how Juliette takes the stand and finally takes charge of herself.

There are so many things that happen in this book, and it's one of those circumstances where you think of how much of the story still needs to happen, and you look at how many pages you have left and wonder how it will all fit. Then start to worry that it might be rushed etc! It was kind of in the middle. It didn't feel rushed, but it kind of seemed too easy in the end, and I wish there was something more with Amderson and what he was saying. There were a few things that I wished I could see more of, like Adam and Warner in one scene of the book towards the end (not telling!!) . OK, I admit that I got a little annoyed at Juliette being confused about her feelings, and how it took one little thing to make her realize the truth and come to terms with everything.

Other than that, this book was amazing, and a brilliant conclusion to the trilogy! I kind of wish there was a epilogue for a glimpse to the future, but that's just me and the book doesn't really need it, it's beautiful the way it is! This is a definite read if you haven't already!!